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Gut health made simple

Gut health is all the rage at the moment. A buzz word if you like. Everyone is talking about it, everyone is researching it, everyone is doing it. 

And rightfully so. A healthy gut is absolutely essential for a healthy mind and healthy body. 

Are you one of those people who is a bit confused as to how to actually get a healthy gut or heal your (unhealthy) gut? 

There is so much information out there that it can be really overwhelming and confusing to even know where to start. 

I wanted to provide you with a range of simple, easy options that you can eat everyday to support your gut and feed your good bacteria. 

Of course, all the fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, keffir and kombucha are still great for a healthy gut but there are still plenty of other foods which you can include in your diet that will make your good bacteria love you! 


Healthy Gut Foods

The old saying 'You are what you eat' has been tweaked by many health professionals to 'You are what your gut eats.' 

Our main aim is to feed our good bacteria what they thrive on so that they will grow and multiply. 

A healthy, balanced gut means that the food we eat will be digested better and more easily absorbed by our body to then provide us with nutrients and energy. The healthiest diet in the world won't be effective if we aren't able to digest and absorb the nutrients from it. 

As well as putting the good stuff in, it is important to keep the bad stuff out. 

Try to keep the following culprits to a minimum when possible:

  • Processed food 
  • Gluten 
  • Refined sugar 
  • Alcohol 
  • Caffeine
  • Stress 
  • Antibiotics 

So take your first step today by starting to include some of the foods above in your diet. If you have taken antibiotics or feel that your gut health is struggling (bloating, gas, pain, constipation etc), I highly recommend seeing a naturopath to help get you back on track. 


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