Finding a Balance with Screen Time


Last week, Perth's Child Health Network held an event for parents and teachers in the community to discuss the impact of screen time on child development and how you can find a balance in your home. 

Below are 10 take home tips that we shared and you can implement in to your home.


How to find a balance with screen time in your home.

Health professionals on the panel: 

Dr. Magda Lipnicka               Chiropractor, Young Chiropractic


Dr. Liz Wason                         Behavioral Optometrist, Eyes on Oxford


Stephanie Einhorn                 Kinesiologist, The Wellness Web


Cally Smith                             Occupational Therapist, The Movement and Me


Dr. Lillian Fawcett                  Reading & Spelling Doctor, Cracking the ABC Code


Dr. Heidi Chin                         Podiatrist, Pulse Podiatry


To find out more about The Child Health Network, please visit our website.


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