7 Tips for the Anxious Childs Bedtime

Bedtime with kids can be tricky at the best of times, so when you have an anxious, sensitive or over emotional child, it can become a real challenge.


The most important thing to remember is that your presence provides a feeling of safety for your child.

You allow them to feel safe I themselves and in the world around them.

The thought of having to leave you to be alone and often in a dark room can bring up a lot of fears for children.


This is why nurturing, soft touch and consistent calming reassurance will be crucial throughout the whole bedtime process.



Kids night time anxiety

Here are some things to try and see what works for your family.

1.    Establish a good nighttime routine that works for you and stick to it. The consistency and structure will be comforting to them.


2.    Get them outside and barefoot for some exercise and fresh air about 3-4 hours before their bedtime.



3.    No screen time (TV, Ipad or games) or stimulation at all after dinner. This is a time to wind down so our brains can start to relax and quiet down.


4. Use  lavender oil in their bath and you can also try some magnesium flakes. These are both calming and relaxing for the mind and body.


5.    A foot and calf rub with some cream and a few drops of lavender oil helps to get them out of an alert state and encourages them to relax more.


6.    Dim the lights in their room and reduce the noise around them. You can read them a book on a chair or couch but try to leave their bed for sleeping only.  



7.    Wrap them up nice and tight in their blanket while you’re reading to them (creates a feeling of support), give them lots of hugs and cuddles, encourage eye contact with them and take nice long deep breaths yourself.



Anxious kids sleep time

If they’re acting up or get over emotional, you can try some of the following:


1.    Don’t tell them that their fears, worries or concerns are silly. Try to acknowledge them and be as understanding as possible.


2.    Hold your hand over their forehead and get them to take nice deep belly breaths.



3.    Keep them wrapped up tightly in their blanket and try to rock them gently until they calm down


4.    Remind them that they’re always safe.

Every child is different in what they need, so watch and listen carefully to how they act and what they ask for. This is their way of creating a feeling of safety around them so that they can relax and switch off.


So remember, gentle touch and reassuring words are the key to making them feel happy, loved and ready to sleep like a baby.


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