5 foods to eat everyday

Life can be busy and sometimes our best intentions of preparing good food, eating healthily and exercising well can all fall by the way side. 

When things get too hectic, try not to get worked up, be as flexible as you can and just do your best. 

Here are 5 food types that I try to include in my diet everyday... 


Healthy eating in Perth

  1. Olive oil and olives - full of antioxidants and good fats. Olives are also great for women and ovarian health. It is best to have it as is rather than heating it. 
  2. Nuts and seeds - A great protein source and also lots of good fats to be found in all the different variations. They make a healthy snack! 
  3. Fresh fruit and vegetables - Eat as many colours as you can, it is all about variety. Packed with fibre and nutrients, this is sure to keep your bowels healthy. 
  4. Anything green - Your mom was right, 'eat your greens.' Lots of ways to include them in your diet, throw them in a salad, add them to your morning smoothie or saut√© them for a healthy side dish with coconut oil, herbs, garlic and chilli. 
  5.  Prebiotic foods - these will help you to balance your gut health and give your body what it needs to repopulate and fuel your good bacteria. It's all about gut health at the moment and this is fundamental to optimal health and wellbeing. Try eating more raw onion, leek, garlic and asparagus or try things like sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir. 

As always, make water a priority and stay hydrated! This alone can solve the majority of health concerns. 


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