Does this look familiar?


Girls on their phone at a cafe

Does this picture above look like you and your friends? 

And be honest with yourself, we are all guilty of doing this at some stage or another. 

Having spent the last week in Sydney, seeing old friends and exploring new areas of this big, beautiful city, there has been one thing that has really stood out for me and caught my attention. 

Any guesses what it might be from the picture above... 

The amount of people constantly on their phones has shocked me. 

Talking, texting, scrolling, taking photos, even just holding them, as if something terrible would happen if we didn't have it attached to our hand all the time. 

It is understandable that we are all busy people, who may need to be connected in some way, shape or form, but when is enough enough? 

When do we need to really reign ourselves in and become more aware and conscious of our phone obsession? 


Are you able to disconnect from social media?

Does this sounds like you?

  • Constantly checking your phone for messages
  • Randomly scrolling through facebook and instagram
  • Always needing to have your phone in your hand or out on the table 
  • Checking emails or social media late at night or first thing in the morning before getting out of bed 
  • Looking through facebook while you're with company or out and about socialising 
  • Feeling the need to reply to texts and emails the minute you get them, regardless of how urgent they are 

Can you relate? 

I certainly can and know that I have been guilty of falling in to these bad habits from time to time. 

So, what can we do about it and how can we consciously become more aware of how often we are picking up our phones just for the sake of it?

Here are some tips to try manage your unconscious phone obsession

  • Notice if you are just scrolling because you're bored. You will be surprised how many times a day you check your phone out of habit. 
  • Either turn on your notifications and only check when you see you have one or turn off your notifications and commit to only checking social media a couple of times a day. 
  • Leave your phone in your bag or put it on silent when you're out with friends and family.
  • Pay attention to what you're looking at on social media. Is it inspiring and positive or is it draining and overwhelming? Delete or unfollow any people or pages that leave you feeling anxious or negative. 


Modern day evolution with technology

  • When you're walking around or spending time at home, don't always keep your phone right next to you
  • Try not take it in to your bedroom with you. 
  • Don't send or reply to non urgent or unnecessary texts when you're out with people. 
  • Change your pin or password every month so it doesn't become automatic to log in to your phone, you'll actually have to consciously think about doing it.
  • Notice how you feel when your friends or family take out their phones to text or look on social media while you're trying to have a conversation or enjoy a meal with them. A few years ago it would have been considered plain rude but somehow over time it has become 'more accepted.' It creates a real disconnection between people and makes it difficult to have meaningful conversations or quality time together. And let's face it, it actually is still really rude
  • Spend more time with people than you do on your phone. Make eye contact. Talk. Relax. Connect. 

In general I believe that if we all just become more aware of how much meaningless time we are spending on our devices, we will begin to be able to disconnect from the social media world more and better connect with each other again. 


Einstein quote on humans and technology

If you are going to try just one thing, start to notice how many times a day you're picking up your phone for no reason at all. 

Every time you do so, commit to noticing something else around you that you might not have seen or experienced if you had been looking at your screen. You'll be amazed at what you're missing! 

If you're after more information or want to see some pretty crazy stats about this digital age, have a read here and act accordingly.. 

Monday challenge - be more aware, pay attention and put down your phone! 


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