Meet The Health Nut

The Urban List Perth came for a play date at The Wellness Web in Nedlands to get the scoop on kinesiology, my health routine and more.


The Urban List in Perth talks with Neldands Kinesiologist, Stephanie Einhorn from The Wellness Web.

Over the past few years, Perth’s health and wellness scene has taken off and we are loving it! From the juice cleanse companies to the healthy cafes, from the wellness warriors to the hip yoga studios sprouting up all over town, Perth has got it going on.

To celebrate all of Perth’s health magic, we’ve created a cool little health and wellness series which will allow you to gain insight into the lives of some of Perth’s healthiest cool cats. They’ll share their tips and tricks and a whole lot of inspiration to help you live the healthiest life ever. Yesss!

This week, we met with Stephanie Einhorn, the brains behind The Wellness Web, a Kinesiology practice. Steph is all about balance, healthy food and mixing up her exercise routine. We took ten with Steph to talk about her business, her top health tips and where she likes to go for dinner.

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