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It's SPRING here now in the Southern hemisphere and I could not be happier. Spring is one of my favourite times of year. It brings a sense of hope and excitement with it. 

Not only is spring a beautiful time of year, it is also a time of renewal, a time for new beginnings, growth and clear vision. 

Perth spring 2015

Spring clean your body, mind and life.

I am going to explore a different aspect of Spring in this post. Something many of you might not be aware of but I truly believe is fascinating and extremely relevant in many of our lives. 

Spring time is associated with the WOOD element of the Chinese 5 elements. 

What does that even mean? 

These 5 elements are often used to describe the relationship and movement between different phenomena and elements within nature. 

Knowing this, we can get an understanding of the emotions and patterns of behaviour that we might be likely to experience at this time of year. 

Perth spring 2015

Chinese 5 elements related to kinesiology.

A bit about the Wood element (don't worry if it goes over your head)

Colour - green 

Taste - sour

Odour - rancid 

Sound - shouting or whispering

Sense - eyes (vision)

Tissue - sinews, ligaments and muscles 

Emotion - anger, frustration and indecision 

Pattern - judgemental, over-assertive or timid, no choice, perfectionist

Lesson - Benevolence. Accepting myself for who I am, rather than what I do. Flexibility. 

Yin organ - liver , Yang organ - gall bladder 

Can you relate to any of the above? 

When the wood element is in balance, our life flows easily. We move effortlessly around obstacles in our path, we have a clear vision of what we want in life and we are better able to action our plans. We tend to be more organised but yet still flexible and have the clarity to make good, courageous decisions. 

When the wood element is out of balance, we become irritated, judgemental and inflexible (mentally and physically). We struggle to make decisions and often feel stagnant and stuck in our own lives. Everything can seem like an uphill battle and we may experience a lot of resistance. 

If you have been feeling like this recently, maybe it is time for a spring clean?

How can you spring clean your mind, body and life? 


  • Get real and get honest with yourself. What old thought patterns or behaviours can you get rid of? What do you need to let go of? Is it a person, a thought, an emotion, a behaviour, a diet, an exercise routine? What feels like it is weighing you down? 
  • Start journaling - get those thoughts out of your head and on to paper. 
  • Meditation -this takes practice and patience, but stick with it. Even if you only do a couple of minutes a day, it is so much better than doing nothing. 
  • Yoga - this helps to calm your mind and relax your body too. Double bonus! You don't even need to leave the house to try yoga, you can practice home yoga by watching classes online. 
  • Breathing exercises are great for focus and clarity. Our breath can be a powerful detoxifying tool.

Perth spring 2015

Holistic health in Perth

Here are some goals and affirmations to work with to help balance the wood element:

I accept myself just as I am. 

I am who I am, not what I do. 

I am in the flow with my life.

 I enact the plans of my heart. 


  • Exercise - get moving and get active. It is best to try exercise in the morning to break up stagnation and get a fresh start to the day. It doesn't have to be a whole intense workout, even just a 20 minute walk. 
  • Yoga - to stretch and strengthen our bodies. Yoga combats that inflexible pattern we may fall in to, physically in our bodies or mentally in our minds 
  • Hydration - this is always important but it is often easier to drink more water when the weather is warming up outside. Try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon to your water once a day. Lemon helps to detoxify the liver and spring is all about liver balance. 

Perth spring 2015

Healthy living in Perth.

  • Consider doing a detox for a couple of days or a cold pressed juice cleanse. Give your digestion a break, clean out those cob webs and get those bowels working like clock work again. 
  • Diet - it is no secret that it is best to eat fruits and vegetables that are in season. Eating in season ensures our food is packed with optimal flavour and nutrition. It also connects us with nature, in a cyclical, holistic way. Plus it is often kinder on the wallet too. 

 So what should you be eating coming in to spring?

  • Plenty of citrus fruit. Blood oranges, grapefruits, lemons and mandarins. Strawberries, papaya and pineapple are also best at this time. 
  •  There are so many nutritious vegetables to include in your diet at this time of year. Try cooking with asparagus, broccoli, artichokes, brussel sprouts, leeks, cauliflower, spinach, mushrooms, silver beet and cabbage. 

* Looking for an easy and healthy way to cook your vegetables? 

Try sautéing them with coconut oil, garlic, chilli and spices. It is quick, easy, super tasty and goes perfectly as a side dish to most meals.  

Pressed juice in Perth

Healthy living in Perth.

The Wellness Web

Foods to support the liver

  • Foods containing vitamin A such as green leafy vegetables, parsley and green pepper
  • Lemon and vinegar 
  • Rocket 
  • Animal liver 
  • Sweet potato, carrots and squash 

* Avoid alcohol, sugar and caffeine 

Foods to support the gall bladder 

  • Non fat food sources of vitamin A such as parsley, carrots and yellow or green vegetables 

*Avoid rich, fried, fatty foods 


Spring cleaning our house is something we should try to do more than once a year. You won't regret it! 

  • A good clean up can make us feel refreshed and revitalised. A change is as good as a holiday so get those sweat pants on and get cleaning. Clear out the winter cob webs and make space for spring and all the possibilities it brings with it. 

  • Plant some new flowers or herbs in the garden. Bring some colour in to your home. Gardening is so therapeutic and grounding. 

  • This is a big one... Grab a big bag, open up your cupboards and CHUCK. Be ruthless. How many clothes do you have sitting in your cupboard that you just never wear? They are there collecting dust incase you might want to wear it one day. Well, if you haven't worn it in a whole year, you're probably never going to. There are so many people in need of clothes that they will be used and appreciated much more by someone else, rather than sitting in your closet. 

  • Adopt a system of one item in and one item out. When you buy something new, make sure you throw something away too. 
  • Challenge yourself to a digital detox. For some, this is very necessary. Social media can be overwhelming and bombard us with information which can be really destructive in some cases. Cutting the cord and connecting inwards rather than outwards is crucial in the world we now live in. Try it and notice the difference. 

Are you ready to get cleansing?

If you have any questions or would like to book a kinesiology appointment, get in touch at 

Cherry blossom in Spring

Spring clean in Perth.


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