Wellness breakfast with David Michie

This week, I hosted another health and wellness networking breakfast for holistic health practitioners in Perth. 

It took place at the Little Bird Cafe in Northbridge, a lovely organic health food cafe. 


Little bird cafe




Little bird cafe





Wellness web breakfast invitation, Perth.

We were lucky enough to have internationally published author, David Michie, talking to us about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

David is the author of popular novels, 'The Dalai Lama's Cat' and 'The Art of Purring.' He has also written many books on buddhism and meditation, some of which include, 'Buddhism for Busy People', 'Hurry up and Meditate' and his most recent book, 'Why Mindfulness is better than Chocolate.' 

David Michie at a wellness event in Perth

David Michie and Stephanie Einhorn

The Wellness Web


David ran through a brief meditation with us and then went on to discuss the physiological and psychological benefits that meditation has on our mind and body. This is such a hot topic at the moment in our society as people become increasingly stressed with their work and home life. It was great to hear David sharing his own experiences with meditation as well as current research happening in the area. 

Some of the things that I learnt from David are summarised below:

  • Meditation takes practice and time. It will not be easy but it will be worth it. 
  • Sometimes you will only notice the benefits that meditation is having on your life if you stop meditating for a few days. 
  • Meditation will not change your life and your external circumstances, but it will change the way you experience these things.
  • We can not manage our thoughts properly until we have monitored and understood them. 
  • Start by practicing mindfulness, that is being totally present and in the moment when performing every day tasks such as hanging out the washing and eating an apple. How often are you actually thinking about what you are doing?
  • During meditation, if a thought comes in to your mind, acknowledge it, accept it and then let it go. Do not attach to any thoughts. Do not give them any attention. 
  • Meditation affects our body on a physical level - our blood pressure and heart rate decrease and our breathing slows. 
  • By quietening our 'crazy monkey mind', we can access and get a glimpse of the true nature of our mind which is still and peaceful. 

We were a group of about 28 people and had a wide range of practitioners attend the breakfast. It was a great chance to learn about other peoples businesses and to get an understanding as to what is happening in the health industry in Perth. 


little bird cafe set up

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