Healthy meal inspiration

Are you trying to be healthy but struggling for ideas of what to cook? 

I bet you're not alone. Food blogging and TV cook shows have become very popular in the last few years but a lot of the recipes can seem a bit advanced and complicated to make in your own kitchen. 

Here are a few of my favourite 'go to' sites for simple, healthy and delicious meals for any occasion. 


Jessica Sepel.

Nutritionist and health coach.

Jessica Sepel  -

Jessica is a qualified nutritionist, health coach and wellness blogger based in Sydney. 

I love using Jess's recipes because they are always simple, healthy but guaranteed to be full of flavour. Jess shares a range of recipes from healthy snacks and smoothies to meatless Monday meal ideas. 

Give a few recipes a try, I promise you won't be disappointed and am sure you'll be coming back for more inspiration. 


Nikki from Nood in Perth.

My friend, Nikki, from Nood -

Nikki studied nutritional counselling and wellness coaching and is amazing in the kitchen. 

Nikki believes in using only whole foods to nourish and fuel our bodies and give them what they really need. 

Her recipes are always a little different but none the less, absolutely delicious. 


Jamie Oliver

And of course, we can never leave out... Jamie Oliver.

Jamie has a wealth of knowledge and a never ending pool of recipes, for any and all occasions. 

You can search his website by ingredient, meal or occasion so you can never be stranded for ideas of what to cook. 

Have fun exploring these websites and experimenting with new recipes and meal ideas. 


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