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What are circadian rhythms? 

"Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioural changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in an organism's environment."

National Institute of General Medical Sciences. 

How can they affect us? 

If our circadian rhythms are out of balance, we can tend to feel a bit 'jet lagged' and generally just 'off'. 

We might not feel hungry when it is meal times or we might feel exhausted all morning and then our energy picks up and we can't sleep at night. 

It is as if our body thinks it is a different time of day to what it actually is. 

Can you relate to any of the following? 

  • Waking up at a certain time every night
  • Particular symptoms at similar times during the day
  • Energy slumps during the day 
  • Feeling wide awake at night but exhausted all morning 
  • Never hungry at regular meal times 

Each organ in our body is most active over a two hour period during the day. 

Have a look at the Chinese Clock below and notice which organ is most active at the time when you are experiencing your symptoms. 

There may be an emotional or a physical connection as to what is out of balance in your body. 

The Chinese Clock 


Chinese body clock

A few ideas as to what emotions or patterns might be linked to the different organs and could correspond to your life: 

11pm-3am - GALL BLADDER & LIVER - Wood element - frustration, anger, stagnation, feeling stuck, indecisive, judgemental and irritability. 

3am-7am - LUNG & LARGE INTESTINE - Metal element - sadness, grief, worth and value issues, holding on, skin issues, image concerns and wearing a mask. 

7am-11am - STOMACH & SPLEEN - Earth element - over thinking, worrying, analysing, busy mind and over empathising. 

11am-3pm - HEART & SMALL INTESTINE - Fire element - joy, love, spontaneity, compassion, expression and happiness. 

3pm-7pm - BLADDER & KIDNEY - Water element - fear, withdrawal, flow, and being overly driven. 

7pm-11pm - PERICARDIUM & TRIPLE BURNER - Heart element - joy, boundaries, love, laughter and creativity. 

Did you notice any connections? 

Kinesiology can help to reset your circadian rhythms so that your body has an awareness around time of day and can regain a sense of balance throughout your day. 

To find out more or to book a kinesiology appointment, please contact Stephanie on or 0405 981 879. 


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