5 things to start doing today

With all the information on health and wellness these days, it can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. You might think it is just all too much and not know where to start and I don't blame you. 

Remember this little saying? 

We can think of our health in a similar way. By taking small steps and making healthy changes every day, we will eventually create healthy habits in our life which are realistic and sustainable. 


How do you eat an elephant?

5 things to start doing today: 

  • Start flossing your teeth 
  • Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to your water in the morning 
  • Try a new recipe and start to have 1 meat free meal a week
  • Have a no social media rule in the bedroom - this means no facebook or instagram before going to bed and as soon as you wake up in morning 
  • Start to notice your breath and learn to breathe properly. Take 10 long deep breaths when you wake up in the morning, in the shower, driving to work and before going to bed. Its so easy to do during the day and you will start to feel much calmer and have more clarity in your thoughts.

Why not begin today? 

Even if you just choose one of the above things. 

If not now, when? 

We can have a lot of influence over our health and can make choices every day to nourish ourselves from the inside out. 


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  • 2014-09-26 04:19:31

    Great advice Steph - especially social media in the bedroom - must stop!!! Love your page x

    • 2014-11-25 05:16:15

      Thanks Steph!!! Really enjoyed this post as you have listed very achievable goals that you can easily start slotting into your daily routine! Definitely something to think about. Well done :)