Habits of healthy people

Health is about balance and often we can make a few simple changes in our every day life that can have a huge impact on our health. 

Here are some of my best tips to get you started:

  • Start drinking filtered water and plenty of it - water from the tap can contain heavy metals and other toxins.
  • Start the day with a glass of warm water and a squeeze of lemon - kick starts our digestion.
  • Drink water in between meals, rather than with meals. This will make digestion much easier. 
  • Cut down on dairy - try alternatives like almond milk or rice milk.
  • Swop your afternoon coffee for a herbal tea (rooibos, green tea, peppermint tea).
  • Eat breakfast, no matter what, even if it is just a little something - this really is the most important meal.
  • Slow down when you're eating, take your time and chew your food properly.
  • Have a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a bit of water 15 minutes before your meal - stimulates out digestive enzymes.
  • Eat more whole foods - avoid anything from a jar, tin or packet. Nature gets it right every time and it is human intervention that messes things up. Try to eat seasonally and be organised with your food. 
  • Make sure you are getting enough good fats in your diet - nuts, seeds, avocado, fish and olive oil. This is important for hormone and skin health. 
  • Cut out any extra, unnecessary sugar - there is enough hidden in our food and it depletes our mineral stores and can feed disease. 
  • Eat warm foods in winter - soups, stews, bone broth and cooler foods in summer - salads and smoothies. 
  • Eat a wide variety of food every day - plenty of different colours and types.
  • Keep your blood sugar levels stable - don't allow yourself to get super hungry, this will make you crave sugar and put a lot of pressure on the body. Try having a healthy snack in between meals if this is an issue for you. 



Health is about balance.

  • Get active every day, even if it is just a 15 minute walk or yoga.
  • Get still and quiet every day - take some time out for yourself to be mindful and relax.
  • Practice deep belly breathing - very calming and helps with weight loss.
  • Keep a good balance between work, home and social interaction - make this a priority. 
  • Don't check your emails at night, limit screen time and don't take your computer in to the bedroom.
  • Floss your teeth.
  • Make sure you get at least 8 hours sleep a night and try get to bed by 10pm. 
  • Listen to your body and be aware of what makes it feel better and worse. 
  • Notice these 3 things about yourself: 

  1. Sleep patterns
  2. Bowel movements 
  3. Menstruation. 

These are 3 amazing indicators of hoe in balance we are. 


  • Consider taking a multi vitamin and multi mineral supplement, fish oil and probiotic - these are my 3 favourite supplements.                      As a holistic practitioner I would love to say that it is enough to eat a well balanced diet but unfortunately with our soils these days, our food simply does not have the same nutrient content as it used to. We need to provide nutrition to our body on a cellular level. There are so many supplement brands out there that are not very good and not worth taking. For more information on a GOOD supplement, that will be delivered to your door please visit this link and contact me. I read that you will need to eat 8 oranges today in order to get the same nutritional value as 1 orange, 50 years ago. 


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  • 2014-08-16 23:39:34

    Love the advice Steph, really interesting!!!! I wish I could get my boyfriend to stop watching series on his lap top before bed! I am going to keep a close eye on my 3 patterns! Cant wait to read the next post! xxx