Mid year 'spring' cleanse

Why save 'spring cleaning' just for spring? 

Can you believe we are already half way through 2014? That seems a little crazy! So why not check in with your body NOW and see how you're feeling. There is always a little room for improvement and there's no better time to make a change than right now. 

In this article I talk about spring cleaning your body, mind and soul and treating your body as your portable home. 

"Your body is your temple."

This statement is true on so many levels and we can use this analogy when looking at spring-cleansing your body. By thinking of your body as your home, you can start to get an understanding of how important it is to listen to your body and treat it accordingly.

So, lets take a tour of your home and see what alterations we can make. 

Follow the link below to read more and find out some tips about detoxing, cleansing and nourishing your body from the inside out this June. 



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