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Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

Recipe from Shuna Herscovitz  A brilliant, fresh orange beauty soup. Full of flavour, spices and nutrition.  Peel and roughly chop: 3 large carrots 1 very large sweet potato Remove the skin and [...]

Homemade Healthy Hummus

*Recipe from Shuna Herscovitz.  The perfect healthy dip to take to a Christmas party or just to keep in the fridge to snack on with some raw veggies.  Ingredients 1 tin chick peas  2-4 Tbsp [...]

Boost your Family’s Gut Health

Last week I listened to a great webinar with Jess Donovan from Natural Super Kids on enhancing your child’s gut health. Jess shared some really valuable information on why gut health is so [...]

10 tips to tackle anxiety

Is it just me, or is anxiety the (unwanted) ‘flavour of the month’ at the moment? Everywhere I go I am hearing people talk about anxiety, how it is affecting them, how it is affecting their kids [...]

Back to School Tips for Parents

It’s back to school week and this can often be an interesting one, for everyone involved. After a long summer holiday, it is a big transition heading back to school routine, in a new year with a [...]

Lentil, Spinach and Coconut Dahl

This recipe is a firm favourite for a cold winter evening. I tend to mix it up a bit each time so have some fun and use what’s in your fridge, you can’t really go wrong! This is [...]

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