About the wellness web

Founded by Stephanie Einhorn, The Wellness Web was established in Perth, Australia in 2014.

Steph has always been fascinated by the connection between the human mind and body, so after completing a Bachelor of Science at UWA she decided to pursue this passion and enrol in a Diploma in Holistic Kinesiology at the College of Complementary Medicine in Sydney.

“My degree at UWA gave me a great foundation and understanding of the human body, but I felt like something was missing. I realised that my degree has focused so much on the body that it had neglected the mind, and more importantly, the undeniable connection between our mind and our body. As soon as I started my Holistic Kinesiology Diploma I knew that I had chosen the right course; I was learning new and fascinating things every day and my mind was opened to a whole new world of healing. Everything we did was based on a totally holistic approach, which explored physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.” 


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